The Changing phase of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Digital Trends of 2016

Welcome to Mobilegeddon, the age of mobile marketing. We have entered the era where consumers are seamlessly navigating through an open mobile web, all while their TV is playing and a tablet is open nearby. In my opinion, our collective addictions to our mobile devices are the reason how we have now moved in a Mobile marketing time. Thus, this makes it important that marketer’s start building strategies around this behavior of the consumers.

“It’s a no-brainer, your site has to work on mobile devices or your business will suffer.”

This was what Simon Andrews said in 2012, a period of time when 80% of brands didn’t have a mobile-optimized site.

What once stood as an addition feature to have for our websites has now become a necessity. According to Statista, mobile phone internet user infiltration worldwide will be 56.1% in 2016 and will keep increasing to 58.9% in 2017 and 61.2% in 2018. Thus, making it a key trend in digital media that could have an impact on an organisation’s digital strategy within the next 3 years.

All of these are directed to appealing the millennial generation. Being a part of the millennial generation myself, I can agree when the 87% of the digital generation admits to never being without their phone. I personally expect more from brands, and in my opinion there still a lot of websites with no proper mobile functionality. I generally would not do business with a company who does not have a mobile friendly site or app.

As of April 2015, Google has altered their algorithm and it will now be ranking mobile optimised websites higher than a non-mobile optimised websites. Therefore, as a digital marketer, I would implement a mobile friendly website with uttermost urgency.

How would I make it mobile friendly?snip_20151206193614

It is not a big deal to make your websites mobile friendly. All you have to do is install a mobile friendly plugin, for example, WP Plugins, etc. Another quickest way to make your website mobile friendly is by making a mobile version of your desktop site using a conversion platform like bMobilized or Duda Mobile. You can also use a mobile responsive design.

Staying Relevant

In my opinion, to stay relevant in this fast changing market it is not enough to just have a mobile friendly site anymore. Along with having a mobile-optimized site, I would also develop an app. I would also use on of the core features Google app indexing, as a tool, whereby the installation of the app by the users and also in re-engagement.

This is particularly useful as, google uses the content within your app as a signal of ranking, along with your web content.

Easy way I would make a mobile App

Now, how would I make an app, without knowing web programming? That’s simple, I would use this really cool web based app called Conduit Mobile. This web-based app successfully tugs out the content from your website and turns it into an app. The Best part about the app is that the app can be operated not just in IPhone but also Android and Windows Mobile phones. This wizard app also provides you with a customization option where in you can add YouTube videos or images or twitter Feeds.

Behavioralsnip_20151206193838 changes

In my opinion, there are three actions that need to be taken care here.

  • Identify and Improve your Mobile web Optimization Status:

It is essential that you perform a mobile SEO audit so that Google can correctly identify and

serve your mobile content. It’s Imperative to use the Google’s mobile-friendly test tool, making

sure that the data and images are crawlable.

  • Access your Mobile Web Search Visibility and Traffic Behavior:

You can use the Google Webmaster Tools and identify the top queries and top pages in mobile search. Using Google Analytics you can search the visibility and understand the behavior by assessing and analyzing your website Traffic.

  • Establish your Mobile Performance and establish your Competitiveness:

This can be performed using Google Keyword Planner, you can search relevant keywords and segment them into different Categories. Once you know which keyword to track then you can keep a track of where your competitors stand.

For Mobile Apps:

  • Implement Smart App Banner.
  • Enable a landing page for your App.
  • Index your Mobile App Content.
Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the most important Trends of 2016




Let’s do it Right : Transparency, Respect and Privacy

We all know that it is a bit scary sometimes, managing a company’s social media accounts. From the hashtags to the tweets to perfecting the tone on Facebook. It can be a little overwhelming.


But savvy social media users know that it there is a science behind everything, just like there are rules for data mine. Many organizations want to ‘mine’ data on customers, donors, friends or constituents they have collected on their social web platforms. For such organizations I would say let’s start with the basics.

Why is Privacy and Transparency important of data ?

  1. Making Information Actionable.
  2. Avoid Unnecessary Risk taking.
  3. Enable sharing and collaboration.

Free-flowing information is a key factor that helps organizations in difficult economies. In today digital age transparency helps getting the audience and the employees of the organization to stay connected to the organization. Since, transparency leads the stakeholders to create a sense of ownership.

In my opinion, there are a few things the organization can implement to introduce transparency and privacy within the organization

  1. Get a true understanding of the financial impact of the decisions.
  2. Put mechanisms in place for communicating vital issues to front line employees.
  3. Prepare managers to answer tough questions.
  4. When you have bad news, treat employees like adults.
  5. Keep people posted.

Thus, for this reason, I have listed some important rules that in my opinion will help you think before you post anything online.

  • Don’t get too personal.
  • Avoid the classic no-go topics of sex, money, and politics, unless you’re in a group about that.
  • Don’t share about how you hate your competitors.
  • Don’t be mean.
  • Don’t change the subject.
  • Don’t burst your tweets.
  • Don’t send Automated messages to your followers
  • Don’t tag people without their permission.

It is important to understand the importance of thinking before we post on social media for our business. Every so often, marketers are so focused on increasing engagement that they come out a little stronger and which can be considered rude and insensitive.

There have been so many times that big brands have faced the unfortunate disaster of posting the most disrespectful tweets by any brands. For example,

Nokia Tweets Trash Language:

Nokia socila media disaster 2013

Nokia social media disaster

Here one of the employees managing the social media accounts for Nokia has sudden outburst of emotions. This a very good example of a disrespectful social media post. It is said that since Nokia is going through a rough time, failing to reach their position in the market. It is said that it was this pressure that led to this response. In this case however, Nokia should first start with immediately apologizing for the obscene use of language. If I were Nokia, I would definitely terminate the employee and mention it in the apology tweet as it shows that Nokia takes respect very seriously and that this not tolerated.


Casual Racism By Home Depot:

Home depot rasict tweet

Home Depot social blunder

The display of Casual Racism by Home Depot on November 2013 was appalling. This post with a caption which drummer is different than the others was highly offensive to the African American community. It was Racist in itself but took a down turn when Twitter users were obviously very offended which was quickly pinned on an employee who was supposedly was fired.


One good thing was that home depot immediately put up a tweet apologizing for their previous tweet.

They apologized over and over again to repair the damage done.

Apologizing Tweet by Home Depot

Apologizing Tweet by Home Depot



The good Tweet:

This post by the Cemex, a British Construction company is great example for a respectful post on social media. This organization posted expressing their condolences to the victims of Paris after a week was completed. Thus, building a strong brand image.








social Intelligence Tools

Social Intelligence Comparisons:Tim Hortons & Starbucks

This is a brief comparison of Tim Hortons to Starbucks using  the popular social media intelligence tools.

  1. Topsy – Twitter

  • As we can see, Tim Hortons was getting better response to their tweets than Starbucks until the 30th of October .
  • However, graph shows a sudden spike in their responses to tweets from the 1st of November to the 3rd of November.
  • After having a brief look at the tweets posted by Starbucks in the period they received the highest peeks in their stats, was first between 1st and 3rd November when they launched their red cups as a come back. This period gave them highest spike.
  • The second was between the 10th to 14th November was when the Starbucks started with their Christmas theme.
  • All this while even though Tim Hortons shows a variation in their graph but no much as compared to Starbucks. When I reviewed the tweets by Tim Hortans which has been very constant about their post and I would suggest Tim Hortons should have tweeted more about the current events going on.
  • For Example, Tim hortans had launched special favored donuts for the occasion of Diwali. However, Tim Hortons lacked in spreading the word for this new launched which could have got them a high pike in their social media Presence.


2) Social Baker -Facebook

2015-11-14 (7)

  • The Facebook page of Tim hortons is doing so much better than Starbucks Canada when compared using Social Baker.
  • The number of Fans for Tim Hortons is massive when compared to Starbucks Canada.

2015-11-14 (8)

  • As mentioned in the image Tim Hortons is doing 48 times better.
  • In my opinion Tim Hortons is more active on Facebook than any other social Media Platform.
  • They have indulge themselves more in local events for their Facebook Page and thus getting higher stats than Starbucks.
  • The best example would be the posts they uploaded for Remembrance day whereas Starbucks failed to do do.

2015-11-14 (9)

3) Iconosqaure – Instagram

Tim Hortons vs starbucks

Iconosqaure : : Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons vs Starbucks

Iconosqaure : Starbucks

  • As we can clearly see from the two screenshots that Starbucks Canada has way more followers than Tim Hortons.
  • In my opinion, this is because  Starbucks launched their Red cups and have already started posting about the next Big Event that is Christmas. Thus being highly active on Instagram.
  • Whereas, Tim Horton’s last post was about Remembrance Day and nothing has been posted since then.Tim hortons also, severally lagged behind in promoting their own festival products as well.
  • With Reference to my previous mention, where Tim Hortons could have engaged their prospective viewers in so many different ways if they would have promoted their new Diwali special favored Donuts.
  • I would also suggest Tim Hortons to be active on all major Social Media Platforms not just Facebook.


These are my opinions please feel free to comment below to place your opinion.







social media strategies

Social Media Strategies In different Sectors

Social media Era is the latest  addition to the list of marketing eras today. Social Media is known to be a very important tool of marketing for all kind of sectors, be it Government, Non-Profits or Private. The use of social media has now become an inevitable  necessity. The different strategies used in social media can only be determined by understanding the


Its important to first understand these aspects to understand the difference between them.

Starting with the Government,

The target Audience for Government is the General Public of the country. The citizens and residents of the country. Thus, their goals are more citizen concentric like

  1. Educating the public about the government and its policies.
  2. Representing the government and its activities in constant development of the nation.
  3. Engaging the public in the activities held by the government.
  4. Building a strong set of network.
  5. Interacting with the public to humanize government actions.
  6. Promoting the government image so as to encourage public to work for the government, along with attracting the best candidates.

Strategies used by the social media :

  1. Appropriate disclosure of information.
  2. Employees are the best ambassadors of the brand.  Thus, promoting the them and their work is a good way to go about.
  3. Encourage questions and answer all the questions asked.

Now, Non-profits:

The target audience for non-profits is the public in the form of donor.

The main goals they have are engaging customers, retaining donors, obtaining donors, creating brand awareness. The most comment strategy in non-profits is crowdfunding, followed by story telling. Spreading the stories leads to generating  a drive to donate which is a primary goal here.

And  Private Sector Sector:

Private sector is usually composed of organizations that are privately owned and are not a part of the government. The main goal for this sector are Market Power, Profits, Quality, Reputation, Image,Innovation. thus the major strategies used is providing excellent customer service, followed by Creating a unique trend for a brand that will constantly create an urge to buy example :An Iphone. Promote brand image and identity is also an important strategy.

This blog articulates the difference between Government, Non-Profit and Private social media Strategies. The following info graph will help understand better.

The Difference Between Government , non-profit and private


Lets make it Meme-tastic!!!

Do you know what a meme is? Well, have you ever had one of your friends post a funny picture with a talking or a grumpy cat, or probably a funny baby face with a funny text on it. That’s exactly what a meme is. There has not been a day when I don’t come across at least two memes. It’s everywhere. It’s on twitter, Facebook, Whats App group, Instagram, Tumbler everywhere.

Urban Dictionary defines meme as “an idea, belief or belief system, or pattern of behaviour that spreads throughout a culture either vertically by cultural inheritance (as by parents to children) or horizontally by cultural acquisition (as by peers, information media, and entertainment media).”

Now, Simple question easy answer. What is a meme? How did it start?

Meme was devised by Richard Dawkins in 1976.  Meme is a package of culture says to Jana Quinn in her blog in Richard Dawkins First coined it in his book ‘The Selfish Gene’ as a concept for discussion of evolutionary principles in explaining the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena.

While memes are funny and entertaining, they can be of great marketing potential. You as a marketer have to decide what’s most relevant to your audience and your brand.

My Favorite Meme: The Planking Meme



Oh Boy! Do you remember the Crazy Fad this meme had started? This involved lying face down with both arms to the sides in an unusual spaces. This picked up so  fast that there where photographs of people planking in unusual public spaces, clicking pictures and posting it on the internet. Its all started when the pro-rugby player David “Wolfman” Williams planked,( showed on the side) after a try during the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles vs Newcastle Knights game held on March 27th, 2011.

The first planking

Planking Origin

This Planking meme quickly  spread like a fire. Planking had been endorsed by various Hollywood celebrities and pop stars, such as Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Demi Moore, Chris Brown and Rosario Dawson.The most important key in meme marketing is comedy.  People easily digest images and comedy than words alone. Soon this term planking become so much more than just a meme that people started using it in protests, video games, art etc.

And thus to conclude I would like to share a meme that I made.

burp meme

burp meme

Reference :

  • Gomes, Ellen. “How To Make Your Marketing Meme-tastic.” Http:// N.p., 21 Apr. 2015. Web. 03 Oct. 2015.
  • “Planking.” N.p., 2010. Web. 03 Oct. 2015.


Please leave your  comments below.

Content Calender

Back to school with Brand new Brown shoe :Content calendar Brown Shoes

“Give a girl the perfect shoe and she can conquer the world.”

Content Calendar Example for Brown Shoe


Image Editors that can change your photography forever.

I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph

                                 -Leon Levinstein, 1955

Do you ever look at a photo and wish you could take pictures like that. A picture that speaks thousands feelings without a word. Yes, now you can. Today we, are no longer restricted to Photoshop as our only option to edit an image. A simplest image can be molded as to completely different picture. To help you understand better, I have listed below some free online image editors that will help us alter an image. Followed by what editing I did for in the image.

Ipiccy :

Edit your Image with Ipiccy Editor

Edit your Image with Ipiccy Editor

What I did ?

Increased the sharpness, Adjusted Exposure and adjusted Curves also adjusted the saturation and of course added text.

Pixlr Editor:

Edit image by Pixlr Image Editor

Edit image by Pixlr Image Editor

What I did ?

Changed the curves and changed the filer to Hope and also added text along with sharpening the image.


Edit your Image with Pic Monkey Photo Editor

Edit your Image with Pic Monkey Photo Editor

What I did?

Added a filter called dust, added an overlay of a postal stamp and added text and changed its font also added a drop shadow frame and also add text.

Photo Edior Pro: (Mobile App)

Photo Editor Pro Mobile App

Photo Editor Pro Mobile App

What I did?

Edited the image in Smart Phone App, changed the filter to Dean, added a sticker and added a text in the middle of the sticker.

I hope this helped you understand that anyone can be a photographer. Spending money on editing image is no longer required. Make use of these editors and see the change in your photography. You will be surprised.

Write about your experience using these editors below in the comments sections.

CSS Selectors

Let’s do it CSS style !

Do you have a blog and are struggling with making it more resourceful in style. Have you ever tried the CSS Style sheet? Don’t worry CSS is not just for the software techies to do mater77bc0XO.jpgial. It is something that you and me, the non-techies can easily operate.

What is CSS ?
According to
“A CSS selector is the part of a CSS rule set that actually selects the content you want to style.”
To make it easy to understand and demonstrate it in a layman’s way, I have uploaded some common CSS modification and a before and after view, including the coding involved. Please have a look.


Theme Name: Workfree


Before the change in theme                                                               After Theme change in theme



Before Background change :                                         After Background Change

After Change






CSS Code Before                                                                                            CSS Code After

,akossn                      mxmksk



Font Color Before Change                                                             After Color Change







Code Before Color Change                                                        Code after Color Change







Before Change in Font Size                                                                        After Change in Font Size

k l





Code Before the change in Font Size                                   Code After the change in Font Size









Theme Name:Twenty thirteen

Before Change in Background                                                                   After Change in Background






Background Change

Before background Change                                                                    After Background Change


c                c2


Code for the background Change

Before                                                                                                                        After




Font Family

Before change                                                                                                           After



Code Before                                                                                        After

f    f2





Before Font Color                                                                                          After







Code Before                                                                                           After




FACEBOOK: An Engine to Change

Should we use Facebook? A question that every business faces. Well, I would say, think no more. Facebook no longer remains just another social website. Facebook helps you reach the people who matter the most to your business. Learn more with demographic data evident about why to use Facebook for business.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Shoot your passion: The compositions to developing a photographic eye.

What does photography mean to you? For my father, clicking family pictures meant photography for him. For me, my everyday routine is photography to me. It’s the passion that one shoots in a photo, which resembles their prospect of photography.
The increasing use of photography in social media has made it essential for us to have a photographic eye. For this, planning your approach to imagery is necessary.
You don’t need to have a DSLR camera to shoot an epic picture. It is the techniques and the composition used that make a simple picture look amazing. A word of advice, don’t be scared to edit your pictures. The use of filters to edit your pictures is one of the best ways you can get awestruck effects to the image. I have always had a soft Conner for photography. Thus, I have filtered some of my images I shot, in Instagram, Snap Seed and Photo Editor Pro as my main platforms to filter the images. I have used different compositions of photography along with the before edit and after edit view to help understand better.

  • Leading lines: This composition involves the use of natural lines leading the viewers focus. Filter used: Juno.

IMG_20140809_123839154_HDRBefore Instagram





After Instagram:





Filter Used : Grainy Film


Before Snap Seed





After Snap Seed:





Filter Used : Cruz

Before Photo Editor Pro


After Photo Editor Pro








  • Rule of thirds: This composition involves us where you place the subject of importance on the intersection.

Filter Used :  LoFi



Before Instagram




After Instagram:





Filter Used : HDR-Scrape




Before Snap Seed




After Snap Seed




Filter Used : Broadwalk

Before Photo Editor Pro

IMG_20141024_121010084After Photo Editor Pro


Fill frame : This Composition involves taking a close shoot of the subject of photography

Filter used : X-Pro II


Before Instagram





After Instagram





Filter used : Vintage

Before Snap Seed







After Snap Seed







Filter used : Dean

Before Photo Editor Pro


After Photo Editor Pro







  • Symmetry: This composition involves the privatization of balance.

Filter Used : Mayfair

Before Instagram

IMG_20140929_131053578After Instagram


Filter Used : Vintage

Before Snap Seed

Tree o

Tree o-01




After Snap Seed





Filter Used: Avenue

Before Photo Editor Pro


After Photo Editor Pro


  • Diagonal lines : This composition involves diagonal line that create a movement in the image.






Filter used : Hudson

Before Instagram


After Instagram


Filter Used Vintage

Before Snap Seed

IMG_20150508_182246022After Snap Seed

IMG_20150508_182246022-01Filter Used: Sage

Before Photo Editor Pro


After Photo Editor Pro







I hope this blog helped you understand the composition of photography and would help you apply in your daily routine imagery.